Dai Roberts

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Dai Roberts
Nationality British
Education Nottingham Trent University, Chelsea College of Art
Known for Conceptual art, installation art
Notable work(s) IAO, UNIT, Untitled as Yet I can not believe we are having this talk again Mr Roberts
Awards Marmite Painting Prize - winner 2008

Dai Roberts (born 1974 Andover, Hampshire) is a contemporary British Sculptor, print and installation artist.[1] He taught at Coventry University, and as of 2011 taught at Richmond University.[2]


Roberts studied at Nottingham Trent University between 1999–2002 and graduated with artist James Robert Ford and curator Helen Jones. He completed his Postgraduate Diploma and MA at Chelsea College of Art, London.[citation needed]

In 2005, Roberts Attended the Rojaraku Spatial Art Laboratory in the town of Roja within the Talsi District of Latvia. In 2004 Roberts attended the Braziers International Artists Workshop one of the Triangle Arts Trust workshops.[citation needed]

Roberts work IAO won him the 2008 Marmite Prize for Painting, as judged by Michele Fletcher, Liz Neal and Millie Thompson formally of BANK (art collective).[citation needed]

In 2009, Roberts was selected for the Jerwood Drawing Prize. In 2006 Roberts formed the 'Noon Day Demons' with fellow artists Sophie Baker, Matthew Carver, Oliver Perkins and Simon Rattigan.[citation needed] A collaborative drawing project, The Noon Day Demons stated "the group came into being with the intention of exploring collective unconscious and uniqueness through the medium of drawing. The spirit of the demons collaboration is one of interference and distraction from the discipline of individual practice".[citation needed]

In 2011, Roberts was chosen by Rise Art's curators as a Select Artist.[3] The artist released two screen prints with Rise Art from his UNIT Print series including UNIT Print #14 and UNIT Print #25 in editions of 35.



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