Daiki Kameda

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Daiki Kameda
Kameda Daiki, Japanese professional boxer.jpg
Kameda in his Benkei costume (October 2006)
Real name Daiki Kameda
Nickname(s) Naniwa no Benkei (浪速乃弁慶?) "Benkei of Osaka"[1]
Rated at Flyweight (5 Fights)
Super Flyweight (2 Fights)
Bantamweight (13 Fights)
Height 5'6 (168 cm)
Reach 64.5' (164 cm)
Nationality Japan Japan
Born (1989-01-06) January 6, 1989 (age 25)
Osaka, Japan
Stance Orthodox
Boxing record
Total fights 33
Wins 29
Wins by KO 18
Losses 4
Draws 0

Daiki Kameda (亀田 大毅 Kameda Daiki?) (born January 6, 1989 in Osaka, Japan) is a Japanese professional boxer. He is the former WBA Flyweight Champion and is the former IBF Junior Bantamweight Champion.

Professional career[edit]

Personal life and early career[edit]

Daiki is one of the three Kameda brothers, the other two are the current WBA (Regular) Bantamweight Champion, Kōki, and the current WBO Bantamweight Champion, Tomoki.[2]

Nicknamed Naniwa no Benkei (Benkei of Osaka) by his father, Shirō, he made his professional debut on February 26, 2006. "You must never fall down, until I decide to throw in a towel or a referee calls a stop," Shirō said to him. "Fight like Benkei who died while standing up."[3]

In his early career, he had made it his custom to sing a song for the audience after each of his victories.[4]


Kameda lost to Daisuke Naito, then the WBC flyweight champion, in Naito's first title defense on October 11, 2007. Despite making comments before the match that he would commit seppuku if he lost, his manager later confirmed that he would not. His boxer's license was suspended by the Japan Boxing Commission for one year due to professional misconduct during the match.[5]

Kameda resorted to elbowing and Professional Wrestling bodyslams out of frustration during his bout with Naito because he was behind on points and the crowd was against him from the beginning.[6]

Up until this point Kameda's father who was his chief second, has said that he will not seek to have his seconds license reinstated after being suspended indefinitely for his role in the controversy and that he will step down as a trainer altogether. Fans and analysts are divided on whether or not Shiro Kameda will return to training regardless of the statements he has made in the press. However, some believe that he is sincere so as to prevent any further controversy surrounding his sons' future fights.

After winning the WBA World Flyweight Title in a rematch against Denkaosan Kaovichit in Kobe in 2010, he relinquished his title in January 2011, in order to move up to the Junior Bantamweight division.[7][8]

Professional record[edit]

29 Wins (18 knockouts, 11 decisions), 4 Losses (4 by decision), 0 Draws
Res. Record Opponent Type Rd., Time Date Location Division Notes
Loss 29-4 Venezuela Liborio Solís SD 12 (12) 2013-12-03 Japan Osaka, Japan Super Flyweight Retained IBF World super flyweight title.
For vacant WBA World super flyweight title.
Titles were at stake for Kameda only as Solís came in overweight, losing his WBA World super flyweight title on the scales in the process. The rules meant that Kameda retained his IBF World super flyweight title even though he lost the bout.
Win 29-3 Mexico Rodrigo Guerrero UD 12 (12) 2013-09-03 Japan Kagawa, Japan Super Flyweight Won vacant IBF World super flyweight title
Win 28-3 Mexico Aaron Bobadilla TKO 6 (10), 0;12 2013-06-08 Japan Nagoya, Japan Bantamweight
Win 27-3 Mexico Faustino Cupul KO 6 (10), 0;43 2013-03-09 Japan Kanagawa, Japan Bantamweight
Win 26-3 Indonesia James Mokoginta UD 10 (10) 2012-12-04 Japan Osaka, Japan Bantamweight
Win 25-3 Thailand Mike Tawatchai UD 10 (10) 2012-08-19 Japan Kagawa, Japan Bantamweight
Win 24-3 Mexico Jovanny Soto TKO 4 (10), 0;21 2012-06-25 Japan Tokyo, Japan Bantamweight
Win 23-3 Thailand Pompetch Sor Sompong KO 2 (10), 2:53 2012-04-04 Japan Kanagawa, Japan Bantamweight
Loss 22-3 Thailand Tepparith Kokietgym UD 12 (12) 2011-12-07 Japan Osaka, Japan Super Flyweight For WBA World super flyweight title
Win 22-2 Mexico Raul Hidalgo KO 1 (12), 2:20 2011-09-24 Mexico Quintana Roo, Mexico Super Flyweight For vacant WBA International super flyweight title
Win 21-2 Thailand Chatchai Monthon Gym KO 2 (10), 1:42 2011-07-09 Japan Fukuoka Bantamweight
Win 20-2 Mexico Jesús Martínez KO 5 (10), 0:37 2011-04-02 Japan Naha Bantamweight
Win 19-2 Romania Silviu Olteanu SD 12 (12) 2010-12-26 Japan Saitama Flyweight Defends WBA World Flyweight title.
Win 18-2 Japan Takefumi Sakata UD 12 (12) 2010-09-25 Japan Tokyo Flyweight Defends WBA World Flyweight title.
Win 17-2 Mexico Rosendo Vega UD 10 (10) 2010-07-25 Japan Osaka Bantamweight WBA World Flyweight title not on the line.
Win 16-2 Thailand Denkaosan Kaovichit UD 12 (12) 2010-02-07 Japan Kobe Flyweight Rematch. Won WBA World Flyweight title.
Loss 15-2 Thailand Denkaosan Kaovichit MD 12 (12) 2009-10-06 Japan Osaka Flyweight For WBA World Flyweight title.
Win 15-1 Mexico Jose Alberto Cuadros KO 4 (10), 0:30 2009-08-30 Japan Osaka Bantamweight
Win 14-1 Philippines Boom Boom Toei UD 10 (10) 2009-05-13 Japan Tokyo Super Flyweight
Win 13-1 Thailand Wandee Singwancha KO 6 (10), 0:27 2009-03-04 Japan Saitama Super Flyweight
Win 12-1 Mexico Isaac Bustos KO 3 (10), 2:30 2008-12-08 Japan Tokyo Bantamweight
Win 11-1 Mexico Angel Rezago KO 5 (10), 1:47 2008-11-06 Japan Tokyo Bantamweight First fight in nearly 13 months.
Loss 10-1 Japan Daisuke Naito UD 12 (12) 2007-10-11 Japan Tokyo Flyweight For WBC Flyweight title.
Win 10-0 Thailand Fahpetchnoi Sor Chitpattana UD 10 (10) 2007-07-28 Japan Tokyo Super Flyweight
Win 9-0 Philippines Pingping Tepura KO 2 (10), 2:21 2007-04-30 Japan Shizuoka Super Flyweight
Win 8-0 Indonesia Vicky Tahumil KO 3 (10), 1:18 2007-02-23 Japan Sapporo Super Flyweight
Win 7-0 Indonesia Mohammed Sadik KO 1 (10), 0:37 2006-12-20 Japan Tokyo Super Flyweight
Win 6-0 Mexico Valerio Sanchez MD 8 (8) 2006-09-27 Japan Tokyo Bantamweight
Win 5-0 Indonesia Wido Paez KO 1 (8), 1:45 2006-08-20 Japan Yokohama Super Flyweight
Win 4-0 Indonesia Yoppie Benu TKO 5 (8), 0:27 2006-06-05 Japan Tokyo Bantamweight
Win 3-0 Thailand Kittiphop Kawponkanpim KO 1 (8), 1:31 2006-05-05 Japan Tokyo Bantamweight
Win 2-0 Thailand Samart Twingym UD 6 (6) 2006-04-17 Japan Tokyo Super Flyweight
Win 1-0 Thailand Samart Sithsaithong KO 1 (6), 0:23 2006-02-26 Japan Yokohama Super Flyweight Professional debut.

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WBA Flyweight Champion
February 7, 2010 – January 4, 2011
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