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Daily Internet is a web hosting company based in Nottingham, UK and selling virtual private servers, domain names, shared hosting, reseller hosting, online shops and website builders.


Daily Internet was founded in 2006 by Abby Hardoon, who was previously responsible for establishing and running web host Host Europe PLC (incorporating 123-reg, WebFusion, Magic Moments Internet and Dedicated Servers), in 1996. Having grown Host Europe to become the UK’s market leader with almost 1 million accounts by 2004,[1] Hardoon sold Host Europe PLC to Pipex for a record £31 million.[2] From 2006, he concentrated on developing a new web hosting company from scratch, working with key members of the 123-reg, WebFusion and Dedicated Servers teams to launch Daily Internet in early 2007.[3] In early 2009, Michael Edelson became Chairman of the company.

The eShop Online Shop building system was added to the range in 2008, and the company’s Linux shared web hosting and reseller hosting range was augmented through the addition of Windows variants in 2009.[4][5][dead link]

Also during 2009, Virtual Private Servers (VPS) were added to the product range,[6] with further expansion of the range occurring in August 2010.[7][8] During early 2011, the company continued its expansion into business hosting with the addition of Hosted Exchange[9] to its product range.


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