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The Daily News is a newspaper in Tanzania and owned by the Tanzanian government.


The Daily News was the result of a forced merger of two papers. The Standard was first published as the Tanganyika Standard in January 1930 by the Kenyan East African Standard Ltd., until 1967 when it was taken over by a multinational London-Rhodesian Company (LONRHO). After the creation of Tanzania in 1964, it became simply The Standard. On 5 February 1970, the paper was nationalised by the Tanzanian government. The Nationalist was first published on 17 April 1964, as a government-owned daily, and struggled to compete with the Standard. On 16 January 1972, TANU decided to end the rivalry between the papers and forced a merger: The new paper, Daily News was first published on 26 April 1972.[1] The company which publishes it retained the name 'Standard' and is still known as 'Tanzania Standard (Newspapers) Limited.'

Its Kiswahili sister paper Habari Leo was established in 2007. It is in tabloid form, unlike the Daily News which together with the Sunday News are all broadsheets.

On 30 December 2011, Daily News announced its intention to launch a newly designed website,[2] in a move that was aimed to extend its readership and keep abreast with latest developments in Information and Communication Technology (ICT). The TSN Acting Managing Editor, Mr Mkumbwa Ally, noted that the world was changing by embracing inventive technologies hence transforming the Website was the only way to ensure that the company was not left behind. According to The TSN Webmaster, Mr Richard Kazimoto,[3] the new website was designed basing on contemporary technologies with social networks integration.


Daily News is the English version newspaper[4] while HabariLeo is the Swahili version newspaper.[5] There is also a Sunday edition called Sunday News and HabariLeo Jumapili. A new sports edition SpotiLeo was also introduced in the year 2012 and is published once a week on Monday.


Lawi Joel, Antony Tambwe, Tony Zakaria, Amby Lusekelo, Ali Mzige, Karl Lyimo, Jagjit Singh, Anne Outwater, Natasha K'okutangilira, Lusuga Kironde, and Makwaia wa Kuhenga


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