Daily Pakistan

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Daily Pakistan
Daily Pakistan Logo.jpg
Type Daily newspaper
Format Broadsheet
Founded 1997
Language Urdu
Headquarters Lahore, Pakistan Pakistan
Official website Daily Pakistan

Daily Pakistan (Urdu: روزنامہ پاکستان‎) is an Urdu daily newspaper in Pakistan. Mr. Mujib ur Rahman Shami is currently its chief editor and it has a circulation of over 500,000 copies per day. Daily Pakistan is currently published from Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Multan and Peshawar simultaneously. This Lahore-based daily was started in December 1990. During Z.A.Bhutto's democratic rule, he suffered hardships and was put behind the bars. Prior to taking over Daily Pakistan, he was Editor-in-Chief of Weekly Zindagi,Lower Mall, Lahore.

The newspaper is known for its writer Hamid Mir who interviewed Osama bin Laden for the Daily in 1997.


  • Majeeb ur Rehman Shami
  • Gulam Jilani Khan
  • Waseem Tarar
  • Nasim Shahid
  • Chaudhry Khadim Hussain

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