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The Upper Room daily devotional sits behind a vase on a Methodist Christian home altar

Daily devotionals are publications which provide a specific spiritual reading for each calendar day. They tend to be associated with a daily time of prayer and meditation. Daily devotionals have a long tradition in religious communities, with the earliest known Christian example being the Gælic Feliré written in Ireland in the Ninth Century.[1]

Daily devotionals, while common among Christians, can be found in many other traditions as well. Classic examples of devotionals include Leo Tolstoy's The Reading Circle[2][3][4]

Traditionally daily devotionals came in the format of a book, with one reading passage for each day. With the advent of online content, daily devotionals come in multiple formats including blogs, websites, and emails. There continues to be a multitude of devotional books and calendars, in additional to numerous online devotionals, that are tailored to a variety of recipient, denomination, or view.

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