Daisuke Jigen

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Daisuke Jigen
Lupin III character
Jigen with his revolver.
First appearance Lupin III chapter 7: "Magician"
Created by Monkey Punch
Voiced by Kiyoshi Kobayashi (1969-1985, 1989-present)
Banjō Ginga (1987)
Unknown (Toho/Frontier)
Steve Bulen (Streamline)
Sean P. O'Connell (AnimEigo)
Eric Meyers (Manga UK)
John Snyder (Animaze/Manga)
Christopher Sabat (FUNimation)
Richard Epcar (Phuuz/Pioneer/Geneon)
Portrayed by Kunie Tanaka (1974)
Tetsuji Tamayama (2014)
Aliases Dan Dunn (Toho/Frontier dub of The Mystery of Mamo)

Daisuke Jigen (次元 大介 Jigen Daisuke?) is a fictional character created by Monkey Punch for his manga series Lupin III, which debuted in Weekly Manga Action on August 10, 1967. Jigen is the trigger man, sharpshooter, aide de camp and close friend of Lupin the Third. Along with colleague Goemon Ishikawa XIII, he joins Lupin in pursuit of riches acquired typically by theft. Traveling across the globe, Jigen has garnished fame as a gunman with a wildly capable speed and accuracy.

Creation and conception[edit]

Daisuke Jigen's name was chosen to reflect his unconventional personality. According to Monkey Punch, the character was created as an American Gangster based on actor James Coburn, especially his role in The Magnificent Seven. [1][2] When the series was adapted into animation, the role was portrayed by Kiyoshi Kobayashi, the voice actor responsible for dubbing many of Coburn's roles into Japanese. [3]

Jigen is an expert gunman who can shoot in 0.3 seconds with his Smith & Wesson Model 19. [4] Although his M19 is his preferred weapon, he is skilled in a number of different firearms. [5]



Jigen first appeared in chapter 13 of the manga. [6]


The famous anime series has historically starred Kiyoshi Kobayashi in the original Japanese, with Richard Epcar, Ivan Buckley and Sean P. O'Connell playing in English translations. He has also appeared in the 2009 Lupin III/Detective Conan special, Lupin the 3rd vs Detective Conan.


The character was portrayed by Kunie Tanaka in the 1974 Japanese live-action film Lupin III: Strange Psychokinetic Strategy.The 2014 feature film had Tetsuji Tamayama in the role.


Jigen has been referred to in other anime and manga such as Excel Saga.[7] Carl Horn has described Jigen as "The epitome of cool".[7]


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