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DAK or dak can refer to:

  • Dak, a Hindi word for "mail"; also used for a British colonial postal and passenger transport service in India, used in dak edition
  • Dak bungalow, travellers' accommodation in India
  • "Dak" was slang in some countries for the C-47 Dakota military transport aircraft
  • DAK, an abbreviation for "Double above knee" in terms to describe an amputee who is legless, in contrast to DBK, quoting amputation below the knees
  • DAK Industries, a US discount electronics retailer
  • DAK Simpson, a clothing brand in the UK, which gave rise to an Australian vernacular term for trousers: "daks" (or "dacks")
  • Danish Crown AmbA (DAK), a Danish producer of meat products
  • Deutsches Afrikakorps, the German Afrika Korps of World War II
  • Dihydroxyacetone kinase, gene for a human enzyme
  • Disney's Animal Kingdom, a theme park at Walt Disney World in Florida
  • Double Action "Kellerman", a type of firearm action found on the SIG Sauer P239
  • Paper Mulberry, tree also known as Dak
  • Dak, Kerman, a village in Kerman Province, Iran
  • Dak, Sistan and Baluchestan, a village in Sistan and Baluchestan Province, Iran
  • "Dak" is slang in some countries for Marijuana
  • Dak Prescott (born 1993), American football player