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For the capital city of Senegal, see Dakar.
Dakkar is located in Ethiopia
Location in Ethiopia
Coordinates: 9°30′N 42°36′E / 9.500°N 42.600°E / 9.500; 42.600Coordinates: 9°30′N 42°36′E / 9.500°N 42.600°E / 9.500; 42.600
Country Flag of Ethiopia.svg Ethiopia
Region Somali
Zone Shinile
Elevation 2,031 m (6,663 ft)

Dakkar was an historical town in eastern modern-day Ethiopia.


It was the second capital of the medieval Adal Sultanate, after the polity moved its initial headquarters from Zeila in modern-day northwestern Somalia.[1]

G.W.B. Huntingford suggests that Dakkar might be the same as the modern Chinhahsan, which is located at the edge of the Marar plain 15 miles NW of Jijiga.[2]


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