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The Dakota Watch Company is a retail and service company that specializes in watches and watch accessories. The company was founded in 1945 by Albert Coober under the name Coober's Fixery in Cincinnati, Ohio. At the time, the company's products consisted mostly of a variety of services ranging from scissor sharpening to watch repair. In the early 1980s the company changed its focus to watches (both sales and repair) and was accordingly renamed Cooper's Watchworks (Cooper's Watch World in some locations).

In 1999 the company was again renamed, this time as Dakota Watch Company. This move was an attempt to move the Dakota brand into the forefront of the watch industry and identify it with the store name[citation needed]. Around the same time, Dakota began to design their own watches. This new venture into design also allowed the company to break into the watch world as an innovator in the Clip Watch movement.[1]

The company is operated by Albert Cooper's two sons, David and Martin Cooper, and now has 117 locations across the United States (mostly in the eastern half). Dakota remains one of the largest watch retailers based in the United States.


The Dakota Watch Company creates timepieces under the following brand names:

  • Dakota
  • Berenger
  • Fusion
  • Jean Paul
  • Moxie

In addition to watches, the Dakota company also designs and manufactures steel, leather, rubber, and copper jewelry and watch bands.

At larger locations, Dakota kiosks sell other brand names as well, such as Kenneth Cole and Timex. Since Dakota has a partnership with Citizen, kiosks carry and warranty Q&Q brand watches (the sister company of Citizen) as well.


At many of the company's kiosks they also perform watch repair services such as battery replacements, band replacements, repair, and sizing, crystal repair, movement exchanges, hand attachment and alignment, and cleanings. These services are not only performed on their own brands of watches, but on most outside brands as well.


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