Dakshinkali Temple

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Dakshinkali Temple or Dakshin Kali Temple,[1] located 22 kilometres (14 mi) outside Kathmandu and about 1 kilometre (0.6 mi) outside the village of Pharping, is one of the main temples of Nepal dedicated to the goddess Kali. Animal sacrifices, particularly of cockerels and uncastrated male goats, are the main way that the goddess is worshipped, and this is especially seen during the Dashain festival.


  1. ^ the name is composed of the word "dakshin", meaning "south", and the name "Kali", and refers to the temple's position in a spectacular river gorge


Coordinates: 27°35′0″N 85°15′0″E / 27.58333°N 85.25000°E / 27.58333; 85.25000