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Coordinates: 60°38′30″N 17°27′00″E / 60.64167°N 17.45000°E / 60.64167; 17.45000
Dal River (Dalälven)
2006maj09 dalalven sedd fran riksvag 70 mellan avesta och hedemora.jpg
Dal River viewed from the crossing of road 70 between Avesta and Hedemora
Country Sweden
Mouth Gulf of Bothnia
 - elevation 0 m (0 ft)
 - coordinates 60°38′30″N 17°27′00″E / 60.64167°N 17.45000°E / 60.64167; 17.45000
Length 520 km (323 mi) [1]
Basin 28,953.8 km2 (11,179 sq mi) [2]
 - average 379 m3/s (13,384 cu ft/s) [1]
Dalälven's position

The Dal River (or Dalälven in Swedish) is a river in central Sweden that flows from the north of Dalarna and runs into the sea in northern Uppland; it is commonly considered to be the southern border of Norrland. The northern part is split into two rivers: Österdalälven and Västerdalälven. The two connect in Djurås. It is over 520 km long — the second longest river in Sweden, and has a hydropower potential of 1420 megawatts, of which 2/3 is utilized. The largest power plant is located at the Trängslet Dam. Dalälven has been significant historically as a raft transport route.


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