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Dalabyggd map.png
Location of the municipality
Constituency Northwest Constituency
Region Western Region
Manager Sveinn Pálsson
Area 2,421 km2
Population 673
Density 0.28/km2
Number 3811
Postal code(s) 370, 371
Website dalabyggd.is
Skeggi Valley in Hvammur

Dalabyggð is a municipality located in western Iceland. Its main settlement is Búðardalur.

The farm of Hvammur í Dölum, where the poet, historian, and politician Snorri Sturluson was born, belongs to the municipality of Dalabyggð.


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Coordinates: 65°06′36″N 21°46′01″W / 65.110°N 21.767°W / 65.110; -21.767