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County Dalasysla, Iceland
County Dalasysla, Iceland
Coordinates: 65°06′0″N 21°36′0″W / 65.10000°N 21.60000°W / 65.10000; -21.60000
Country  Iceland
Region Western Region
Time zone GMT (UTC+0)

Dalasýsla was a county in Iceland, located in the Western Region region of the country. Its only town is Búðardalur.

The county had a rich history dating back to the first settlers of Iceland. It is also notable that Leif Ericson who discovered Vinland or America long before the time of Christopher Columbus grew up in Dalasýsla.

Árni Magnússon, scholar and collector of manuscripts, was born at Kvennabrekka in Dalasýsla in 1663.

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