Dale Glacier

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Dale Glacier (78°17′S 162°2′E / 78.283°S 162.033°E / -78.283; 162.033Coordinates: 78°17′S 162°2′E / 78.283°S 162.033°E / -78.283; 162.033) is a trenchlike glacier which drains the southwest slopes of Mount Huggins in the Royal Society Range and flows west into Skelton Glacier. First visited by F.R. Brooke and Bernard M. Gunn of the New Zealand party of the Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition, 1956–58, it was named by the Advisory Committee on Antarctic Names in 1963 for Lieutenant Commander Robert L. Dale, U.S. Navy, who was officer in charge of the Squadron VX-6 wintering-over detachment at McMurdo Station in 1960.