Dale River

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Dale River
Dale river gnangarra 01.JPG
Avondale Agricultural Research Station, Dale River
Origin Boyagarring Conservation Reserve
Mouth Avon River
Basin countries Australia
Length 75 kilometres (47 mi) [1]
Source elevation 374 metres (1,227 ft)[2]
Mouth elevation 189 metres (620 ft)

Dale River was named after Robert Dale, the first European explorer to venture into the Darling Ranges in Western Australia in 1829.

The Dale river is a tributary of the Avon River, it joins the Avon 10 km west of Beverley near the Avondale Agricultural Research Station.

Tributaries of the Dale River include Dale River South, Gibb Gully, Connelly Gully, Sherlock Gully, Flint Gully and Talbot Brook.


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Coordinates: 32°10′S 116°49′E / 32.167°S 116.817°E / -32.167; 116.817