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Dale Van Every (July 23, 1896, Van, Michigan – May 28, 1976, Santa Barbara, California) was an American writer and film producer.

His parents were Wilbert and Estella Van Every, members of a prominent family in the Petoskey, Michigan area. Dale Van Every served in World War I with the American Expeditionary Forces.

Van Every wrote a number of historical non-fiction works, including a four-volume series on the American frontier experience[1] and a biography of Charles Lindbergh (with Morris DeHaven Tracy).[2] He turned to film screenplays in the late 1920s. Along with Marc Connelly and John Lee Mahin, he was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Writing (Adapted Screenplay) for Captains Courageous (1937). He was one of seven Universal Pictures studio executives who worked for Carl Laemmle and his son Julius (Carl Jr.) Laemmle during the golden age of Universal-Laemmle ownership. Later, he also produced some films.

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