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Dale Vince OBE
Dale Vince.png
Born (1961-08-29) 29 August 1961 (age 53)[1]
Norfolk, England, United Kingdom
Residence Stroud, Gloucestershire, England
Nationality British
Occupation Businessman
Years active 1961–present
Known for Ecotricity owner & chairman of Forest Green Rovers
Salary £60,000
Spouse(s) Kate Vince [2]
Children 3[3]

Dale Vince, OBE is a "Green Energy" tycoon,[4] former New Age traveller,[5] and British industrialist who has become noteworthy as the outspoken[6] owner of the Green electricity company Ecotricity.[7] He is a vegan.


  • 1977 Dropped out of school aged 15
  • 1980s Spent a decade as a ‘New Age’ traveller - I have been concerned about sustainability issues since I was young. After leaving school, I wanted to pursue an alternative, low-impact way of life. I spent a decade living off-grid, generating the power I needed through a self-made windmill. [8]
  • 1991 saw first windfarm -I thought, either I can carry on by myself with the windmill on my van, or I can get into the big stuff.[9]
  • 1995 Founded the Renewable Energy Company
  • 1996 Built first windmill in Gloucestershire and started supplying “green electricity”
  • 1997 Attended Kyoto Summit[10]


In 2010 he became a major shareholder of Forest Green Rovers F.C.[11]

Three months after joining the club as a majority shareholder, Vince became the club chairman.[12]

In February 2011, Rovers players were banned from eating red meat for health reasons, and a few weeks later the sale of all red meat products was banned at the club's football ground, leaving only vegetarian options as well as free-range poultry and fish from sustainable stocks.[13][14][15]

Vince has also introduced a number of different eco-friendly developments at the club including the installation of solar panels[16] on its New Lawn home ground, the use of a solar powered robot grass mower[17] plus the creation of the world's first organic football pitch.[18]


Vince received an OBE from the Queen for services to the environment in 2004 and a Honorary Doctor of Philosophy in 2013[19]


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