Daler Nazarov

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Daler Nazarov
Birth name Daler
Born September 8, 1959
Origin Dushanbe, Tajikistan
Genres pop, rock, folk
Instruments Guitar, Sitar

Daler Nazarov (Tajik: Далер Назаров) (born September 8, 1959) is a Tajik songwriter, singer and actor.

Nazarov was born in the Former Soviet Republic of Tajikistan. He has lived in Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan for most of his life, but had to leave the country in the early 90's due to a civil war that ended around 1997. For the next few years he lived in Almaty, Kazakhstan and then returned to Dushanbe. Among his recent work is music for feature movies. Nazarov is of the Pamiri ethnic group and many of his songs are in Shughni language.


  • Yunosti pervoe utro, composer, (1979)
  • Kumir, composer and actor, (1988)
  • Tonnel, composer, (1993)
  • Luna Papa, composer, (1999), Moon Father
  • Rozhdenstvenskaya mysteriya, composer, (2000), The Christmas Miracle
  • England, composer, (2000)
  • Statue of Love, composer, (2003)
  • Shik, composer, (2003), (The Suit, aka Shik - il vestito, Italy, aka Costume, Le, France)
  • Meistersinger: The sound of Russia, composer, (2003), (Big Bones - Big Business, aka Chasse à l'os en Sibérie, France)
  • Angel na dorogakh, composer, (2003), Angel on the Road
  • Die Sibirische Knochenjagd, composer, (2004)
  • Sex & Philosophy, composer and actor, (2005)
  • Shaere zobale-ha, composer, (2005), Poet of the wastes
  • Bobo, composer, (2008)
  • Opium War, composer, (2008)

Nazarov's music in Shik (2003) was nominated for an award.[1]


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