Dalian Bay

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Dalian Bay
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese 大連灣
Simplified Chinese 大连湾
Japanese name
Kanji 大連湾
Russian name
Russian Дальний Губа
Romanization Dalny Guba

Dalian Bay (Chinese: 大连湾; pinyin: dàliánwān), is a bay on the southeast side of the Liaodong Peninsula (Russian: Liaotung полуостров) of Northeast China, open to the Yellow Sea (Russian: Желтый море) in the east. Downtown Dalian lies along the southern shore of the bay. Its significance is that it is ice-free year-round, while Jinzhou Bay (金州湾) on the other, northwest side of the peninsula is part of the Bohai Sea (Russian: Море бохай), and is shallow and closed for four months of the winter.

The bay was the rendezvous point for the British fleet for the 1860 assault on China during the Second Opium War.

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Coordinates: 38°57′24″N 121°41′58″E / 38.95667°N 121.69944°E / 38.95667; 121.69944