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Dalian Hi-Think Computer Technology Corporation (Chinese: 大连华信计算机科技股份有限公司), often called DHC, is an outsourcing company headquartered in Dalian, Liaoning Province, China. It was established in 1996 as an outgrowth of Dalian City Computer Center, and now receives outsourcing work from other companies in Japan and other countries. Its capital amounts to 150,000,000 yuan. NEC, NTT Data, Hitachi Software Engineering, NEC Soft, NS Solutions, and Microsoft have invested in DHC.[1]

Currently, employing about 3,800 people, DHC is the largest and oldest of the several IT Outsourcing and BPO companies employing more than 3,000 employees in Dalian (DHC, Hisoft, IBM, HP, Genpact and Accenture), the "Bangalore" of China or the "IT and Business Process Outsourcing Capital of China".[2][3][4]

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