Dalian Railway Station

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Dalian Station
Dalian Railway Station 03.jpg
Dalian Railway Station
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Metro platforms at Dalian Railway Station
Province Liaoning
(See other stations in Liaoning)
City Dalian
District Zhongshan
Changjiang Lu
Coordinates Coordinates: 38°55′29″N 121°37′17″E / 38.92472°N 121.62139°E / 38.92472; 121.62139
Pinyin Code Dalian
Year opened 1903
Station statistics
Operator(s) China Railway High-speed,
Ministry of Railways of the PRC
Line(s) Beijing–Harbin HSR,
Harbin–Dalian HSR,
No. of platforms 5
Rail services
Preceding station   Dalian Metro   Following station
Terminus Line 3
towards Jinshitan
Aiga bus inv.svg Major bus terminal(s) attached to the station

Dalian Railway Station (simplified Chinese: 大连站; traditional Chinese: 大連站; pinyin: Dàlián Zhàn) is a railway station of the Harbin–Dalian section of the Beijing–Harbin High-Speed Railway. It is located in the town of Dalian, Liaoning, China.


The station opened in 1903.[1] The new station was constructed and moved in 1937.[2]

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Preceding station   China Railway High-speed   Following station
towards Harbin
Harbin–Dalian High-Speed Railway Terminus