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The Dallas Bar Association or DBA is a professional organization providing resources for attorneys and the public in the city of Dallas, Texas. Founded in 1873, the DBA is a voluntary professional association of 10,000+ lawyers. It is dedicated to the continuing education of its members, as well as community programs.

For years, the Dallas Bar Association headquarters were housed in the offices of the then-current president. In 1937, headquarters were established in a small space under the stairs of the Old Red Courthouse. Ten years later, the DBA was the state’s first bar association to incorporate. Incorporators envisioned the Association someday being housed in its own building.

The DBA has offered members the unique opportunity of meeting, dining, conversing and learning together in its own headquarters since 1955. In that year, the DBA opened its offices, dining room and meeting facilities on the lobby floor of the Adolphus Hotel. In 1979, the Association moved into the restored home of the late Col. A.H. Belo, founder of The Dallas Morning News. After Col. Belo's death and prior to the acquisition of the property by the association, it was leased by the Sparkman Funeral Homes (the predecessor to the current Sparkman-Hillcrest Memorial Park Cemetery), and was the location from which Clyde Barrow was buried.

Now, the Association boasts an even more incredible home thanks to the addition of The Pavilion at The Belo Mansion, a dynamic space for meetings, social events and community gatherings.


The current president of the Dallas Bar Association, Scott McElhaney [1], of Jones Day, took office in January 2014. Scott is the association’s 105th President.

Here are a list of the Past Presidents of the Dallas Bar:[1] Sally Crawford (2013) Paul Stafford (2012) Barry Sorrels (2011) Ike Vanden Eykel (2010) Christina Melton Crain (2009) Frank E. Stevenson, II (2008) Beverly Godbey (2007) Mark Sales (2006) Timothy W. Mountz (2005) Rhonda Hunter (2004) Brian D. Melton (2003) Nancy A. Thomas (2002) Mark A. Shank (2001) W. Mike Baggett (2000) Robert W. Jordan (1999) Elizabeth Lang-Miers (1998) Molly Steele (1997) Jim Burnham (1996) Ralph C. "Red Dog" Jones (1995) Peter S. Vogel (1994) Kenneth J. Mighell (1993) Orrin L. Harrison, III (1992) Douglas S. Lang (1991) Al Ellis (1990) Spencer C. Relyea (1989) J. Mike Joplin (1988) George C. Chapman (1987) Vincent W. Perini (1986) Harriet E. Miers (1985) Robert A. Gwinn (1984) Jerry Lastelick (1983) Darrell E. Jordan (1982) John L. Hauer (1981) Robert Edwin Davis (1980) Jerry Buchmeyer(1979) Robert H. Thomas (1978) Phil Burleson (1977) Waller M. Collie, Jr. (1976) Charles P. Storey (1975) Louis J. Weber, Jr. (1974) John L. Estes (1973) Henry D. Schlinger (1972) Timothy E. Kelley (1971) Frank C. Moore (1970) Hugh L. Steger (1969) Philip Wilson (1968) Mark Martin (1967) Walter H. Magee (1966) J. Edwin Fleming (1965) Hubert Dee Johnson (1964) H. Louis Nichols (1963) Morris Harrell (1962) Fred T. Porter (1961) Ed Gossett (1960) John N. Jackson (1959) Conan Cantwell (1958) John Louis Shook (1957) Dwight L. Simmons (1956) Henry W. Strasburger (1955) Franklin E. Spafford (1954) Ralph D. Baker (1953) E. Taylor Armstrong (1952) W. Harry Jack (1951) Hawkins Golden (1950) C. K. Bullard (1949) Robert L. Dillard, Jr. (1948) Harold A. Bateman (1947) H. Bascom Thomas, Jr. (1946) W. B. Harrell (1945) Roy C. Coffee (1944) James L. Lipscomb (1943) J. Frank Wilson (1942) Roy C. Ledbetter (1941) Paul Carrington (1940) J. Glenn Turner (1939) J. Woodall Rodgers (1938) J. Cleo Thompson (1937) D. A. Frank (1936) C. C. Renfro (1935) R. G. Storey (1934) Nelson Phillips (1933) C. W. Starling (1932) W. L. (Jack) Thornton (1931) S. M. Leftwich (1930) Harry P. Lawther (1929) Carl Callaway (1928) Charles F. O'Donnell (1927) M. N. Chrestman (1926) Charles D. Turner (1925) Will R. Harris (1924) O. O. Touchstone (1923) Hiram F. Lively (1922) Alex Pope (1921) Joseph E. Cockrell (1920) Wendel Spence (1918 - 1919) F. M. Etheridge (1916 - 1917) T. T. Holloway (1909 - 1915) John L. Henry (1901 - 1908) W. B. Gano (1891 - 1900) A. T. Watts (1886 - 1890) W. W. Leake (1881 - 1885) A. H. Field (1878 - 1880) J. C. McCoy (1876 - 1877) John J. Good (1873 - 1875)

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