Dallas Reef

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Dallas Reef
Disputed island
Other names: Guangxing Jiao 光星礁;
Terumbu Laya;
Rajah Matanda
Dallas Reef, Spratly Islands.png
Satellite image of Dallas Reef by NASA.
Dallas Reef is located in South China Sea
Dallas Reef
Dallas Reef (South China Sea)
Location South China Sea
Coordinates 7°38′20″N 113°48′0″E / 7.63889°N 113.80000°E / 7.63889; 113.80000Coordinates: 7°38′20″N 113°48′0″E / 7.63889°N 113.80000°E / 7.63889; 113.80000
Archipelago Spratly Islands
Length 7km
Width 2km
Administered by
Claimed by
 People's Republic of China
City Sansha, Hainan
 Republic of China (Taiwan)
Municipality Cijin, Kaohsiung
District Truong Sa, Khanh Hoa

Dallas Reef, known as Guangxing Jiao (Chinese: 光星礁) in China, Terumbu Laya in Malaysia, đá Suối Cát in Vietnam and Rajah Matanda in the Philippines, lies 26km north of Swallow Reef. Some 7km long and 2km wide, when Dallas Reef dries out it has a completely enclosed shallow lagoon 15m deep, stretching east to west. It looks larger than neighbouring triangular shaped Ardasier Reef which is just 9km east.[citation needed]

As with all of the Spratly Islands, the ownership of the atoll is disputed, but it is controlled by Malaysia and claimed by the People's Republic of China, Republic of China (Taiwan) and Vietnam. It is notable that the Philippines does not lay any claim over Dallas Reef as it is obviously outside Kalayaan Island Group which was defined by Ferdinand Marcos's Presidential Decree No. 1596 in 1978 and reiterated by Philippine Republic Act No. 9522 in 2009.[1][2]


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