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Denmark-Dallund Palace.jpg
Dallund seen from the lake
General information
Architectural style Historicist
Location Nordfyn Municipality
Country Denmark
Coordinates 55°29′06″N 10°16′46″E / 55.4851°N 10.2794°E / 55.4851; 10.2794Coordinates: 55°29′06″N 10°16′46″E / 55.4851°N 10.2794°E / 55.4851; 10.2794
Construction started 1540
Completed 1849
Design and construction
Architect Niels Sigfred Nebelong

Dallund is a manor house located 15 km north-west of Odense on the Danish island of Funen. It now serves as a rehabilitation centre for cancer patients.

History and architecture[edit]

Dallund is first mentioned in 1340 and was in the possession of the Bryske family until 1614 and later, from 1792 to 1915, by the Blixen-Finecke family.[1]

The east and north wings of the main building were originally built in about 1530. The staircase tower dates from an extension of the north wing in 1634 and the east wing was altered in about 1723. The two east facing lateral wings were designed by Niels Sigfred Nebelong and built in 1849.[1]

Dallund today[edit]

The listed main building and the garden are owned by a self-owning institution under the municipalities on Funen. It houses the Dallund Rehabilitation Centre, a project under the Danish Cancer Foundation.


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