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The Dalyell Baronetcy in the Baronetage of Nova Scotia[1] was created 7 November 1685 for a Scottish General, Thomas Dalyell of the Binns. The succession of the title is unusual in that, in default of heirs male, it can pass by special remainder to tailzie succeeding him in the estate of The Binns.

The current baronet is Sir Thomas Dalyell Loch of the Binns, 11th Baronet, better known as the former politician Tam Dalyell; he was born in Edinburgh in 1932 and inherited the baronetcy from his mother in 1972.[2] Educated at the Edinburgh Academy and Eton College, he did his National Service with the Royal Scots.[3]

Without the special remainder, the current holder would be William Anstruther Dalyell of St Ives in Sydney, Australia[why?].

Dalyell of the Binns, Linlithgow (1685)[edit]

The heir apparent is Gordon Wheatley Dalyell (born 1965).