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The Daman Ganga is a river in western India. The river's headwaters are on the western slope of the Western Ghats range, and it flows west into the Arabian Sea. The river flows through Maharashtra and Gujarat states, as well as the Union territories of Daman and Diu and Dadra and Nagar Haveli. The industrial towns of Vapi, Dadra and Silvassa lie on the north bank of the river, and the town of Daman occupies both banks of the river's estuary.

The river supplies drinking water to Vapi.[1]

The Government of India's National Water Development Authority (NWDA) has proposed the Daman Ganga-Pinjal River Linking Project, which would build a new aqueduct linking the Daman Ganga river to the Pinjal River to the south, allowing water from the Daman Ganga to be diverted south to Mumbai via the Pinjal. In April 2003 the state government of Gujarat raised objections to the proposal.

Daman Ganga is also the most polluted of Indian rivers according to participants of the Machhimar Adhikar Rahstriya Abhiyan or the national campaign to save the coast and fishworkers rights in India (June 2008) from Kutchch to Kanyakumari. Vapi which is on the banks of this river has a lot of chemical and pharmaceutical companies release unprocessed and hazardious chemicals into the river which creates a lot of problems for the residents near the river and it looks like only dirty water and chemicals flowing instead of the River Water. Fishworkers protested against the effluents discharged into the "pinkish red" river where there are no fish left. Leaking pinelines carrying chemical effluents mostly from dye manufacturing industries, near the river have caused domesticated livestock and goats to die as well.Locally it has recently come to be known as the dead river with floating dead fish.


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