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Damian Dalassenos (Greek: Δαμιανός Δαλασσηνός; died 998) was a Byzantine aristocrat and general, who served as the military governor (doux) of Antioch in 995/996–998.


Damian is the first attested member of the distinguished Dalassenos clan. As a holder of the high title of magistros, he became governor of Antioch in 995/6, succeeding Michael Bourtzes following the latter's defeat in the Battle of the Orontes.[1][2] This post was one of the most important military positions in the Byzantine Empire, as its holder commanded the forces arrayed against the Fatimid Caliphate and the semi-autonomous Muslim rulers of Syria. Damian was engaged in operations against the amir Nazzal of Tripoli, and forced him to agree to terms. Soon, however, Nazzan was overthrown by the city's populace, forcing Dalassenos to resume operations along the northern Syrian coast.[3][4] In June/July 998, he marched his troops to Apamea to seize the city after a catastrophic fire. There, he was killed while pursuing a force of Bedouins, and was succeeded as doux by Nikephoros Ouranos.[3][5]


Damian Dalassenos had at least three sons:



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Preceded by
Michael Bourtzes
Doux of Antioch
Succeeded by
Nikephoros Ouranos