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Damiata or Tamiathis is a titular see of the Catholic Church, of archiepiscopal rank only for the Melkite Catholic Church.[1]

Geographically, the see corresponds to Damietta, which was in the Roman province of Augustamnica Prima, and whose site has been placed by some historians at Esbeh el-Bordj, six miles from the modern town.

Damietta is also, probably since the fifth century, a residential see of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria. Moreover, one of the Eastern Orthodox metropolitans subject to the Greek Patriarch of Alexandria bears the title of Pelusium and Damietta.


Damietta, first mentioned by Stephanus Byzantius, was situated at the mouth of the Phatnitic branch of the Nile, on the right bank; its prosperity seems to have coincided with the decline of its religious metropolis Pelusium. Only four bishops are known, from 431 to 879.

In June 1249, it was recaptured by St. Louis, who transformed into a church the magnificent mosque El-Fatah and established there a Latin bishop, Gilles; but having been taken prisoner with his army in April 1250, he was obliged to surrender Damietta as ransom. In 1251 the Sultan, hearing that Louis was preparing a new crusade, ordered the town and its citadel to be destroyed, except the mosque El-Fatah.


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