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Origin Buffalo, New York
Genres Experimental rock, Math Rock
Years active 2005 – present
Labels Equal Vision Records
Associated acts Hidden Hospitals, Kiss Kiss
Website Official website
Members David Raymond (Vocals/Guitar)
Steve Downs (Guitar)
Past members David Focker (Drums)
Evan Weiss (Bass)
Bradley McRae (Drums)
Mark Henry (Bass)
Rock Whittington (Guitar)
Matthew Kipp (Guitar)
Justin Campell (Bass)
Joshua Sparks (Drums)
Jayson Dezuzio (Bass)

Damiera is a three piece indie/math rock band based in Chicago, Illinois.


The Beginning[edit]

Damiera was formed in February 2005, by David Raymond and ex-guitarist/vocalist Matthew Kipp after the dismemberment of their former project, League. The band's sound started out with only two guitars and guitar driven basslines that ultimately moved into a direction that could not fit in a singer/songwriter scheme. After only a short while the two invited former friend/tourmate from Orlando, FL based bands Boys go to War/Sleeping Girl Drowning, Bradley McRae, to the line-up. Former frontman for Buffalo, New York based band Queen City Knights, Mark Henry, was added only a short while after. By late May 2005, the band had played a handful of shows, self-produced/engineered their debut EP "Damiera EP", and self-booked a two-month tour. Matthew Kipp left the band at the conclusion of Damiera's first tour to pursue different interests.


After a very extensive search for a guitarist, Rock Whittington, guitarist of New Orleans based Punch People, flew to meet Damiera in Buffalo, New York. Rock's arrival revealed countless musical, and personality parallels, which not only complemented the band, but broadened it. After spending two solid months writing day and night in a rehearsal studio, Damiera spent February 2006 with Jayson Dezuzio (Coheed and Cambria, My Chemical Romance) recording the debut LP M(US)IC was re-released on Equal Vision Records in January 2007. The band embarked on a self-booked one hundred and ten day long tour that ended September 10, 2006.

The Hiatus[edit]

Damiera announced April 14, 2007 on the website, stating: "We set a goal, and found it. Thank you for your ears, kind words, and your time."

Although two weeks before that, their Myspace (www.myspace.com/damiera) started showing signs of the breakup by stating the cold words "All upcoming shows canceled". Equal Vision Records News Release dated June 13, 2007 states the band had reformed with new members:

"Back in April, three fourths of Damiera left the band to pursue other goals. The departing members were "Seeking satisfaction elsewhere," says continuing member and vocalist Dave Raymond, "They wanted to take another road for now... without having to be committed to a group setting."

The new members consist of guitarist Steve Downs and drummer Josh Sparks, formerly of the Iowa-based band Spirit of the Stairway, and bassist Jayson Dezuzio, a long time professional producer whose resume includes work with Coheed and Cambria, My Chemical Romance, and more. Dezuzio also produced the latest Damiera album, M(US)IC, which was released in January.

"I love music, and I will continue to let go of every excess (money, home, health, etc) in order to find my end in it. I have been extremely fortunate this far, but I'd rather end with nothing and satisfied than end with everything and not use it." Equal Vision Release

Quiet Mouth Loud Hands[edit]

Damiera released Quiet Mouth Loud Hands on June 24, 2008 through Equal Vision Records.

On May 20, 2008, Equal Vision launched a 24-hour pre-order of the album for only $5. After which, the price went back up to the standard retail price.

Drummer Joshua Sparks and bassist Jayson Dezuzio left the band. Damiera has since added bassist Evan Weiss of The Progress/Into It. Over It. and drummer David Robison of The Alaya Conscious. Dave, Steve, Evan and David continue to write music and tour the country. The band has since relocated to Chicago, IL. As of November, Evan is no longer with the band, and is focusing more on Into It. Over It.

2011 - present[edit]

Former Damiera and Kiss Kiss members have formed a new band called Hidden Hospitals. They have released a 5 song EP and a music video on their website. (EP: released 1 September 2011 - Produced and mixed by J. Hall)



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