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Damodar Pande (1752 - 1804) was the Mukhtiyar (a post that preceded Prime Minister) of Nepal from 1799 to 1804.

Damodar Pande (Nepali: दामोदर पाँडे) (1752 - 1804) was the Mukhtiyar from 1799 to 1804. He was the youngest son of famous Kaji of Prithivi Narayan Shah Kalu Pande. He was born in 1752 in Gorkha. Damodar Pande was one of the commanders during the Sino-Nepalese War and in Nepal-Tibet War. And he was among successful Gorkhali warriors send toward east by Prithivinarayan Shah.

Rana Bahadur Shah, the King of Nepal from 1777 to 1799, was shocked and saddened by the death of his mistress in 1799. Owing to his irrational behavior, he was forced to resign by the citizens. He left the throne to his one and half year old son Girvan Yuddha Shah and fled to Banaras along with his followers like Bhimsen Thapa, Dalbhanjan Pande and his wife, the queen Rajrajeshwori.[1]

Damodar Pande took over the administration and became the Mukhtiyar of Nepal. He always tried to protect king Girvan Yuddha Shah and keep Rana Bahadur off of Nepal. However, in 1804, March 4, the former king came back and took over the post of Mukhtiyar. Damodar Pande was then beheaded and killed in Thankot.[2]


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