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Type Sweet bread
Place of origin Germany
Main ingredients Flour, water, yeast, butter or margarine; sometimes eggs or sugar
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Dampfnudel bakery in Regensburg

Dampfnudel (pl: Dampfnudeln, lit. "steam-noodle") is a sort of white bread roll or sweet roll eaten as a meal or as a dessert in Germany and in France (Alsace). It is a typical dish in southern Germany.

Ingredients and preparation[edit]

Dampfnudeln are made from a dough composed of white flour, water, yeast, salt, butter or margarine, and sometimes also eggs and a little sugar. The dough is formed into balls about the size of an egg or a fist, left to rise and then cooked in a closed pot, preferably a high-rimmed iron pan with a lid, with milk and butter (or salt water and fat) until a golden brown crust forms at the bottom after the liquid has evaporated. The tops remain white.


Dampfnudels are typically served as a main dish with savoury accompaniment such as cabbage, salad, gherkins, potato soup, lentil soup, or mushrooms in white sauce. They can also be served as a dessert with vanilla custard, jam, or boiled fruit. In Bavaria and the Palatinate, however, Dampfnudels are traditionally served as the main dish even when sweet.


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