Dampierre Nuclear Power Plant

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Dampierre Nuclear Power Plant
The Dampierre NPP
Dampierre Nuclear Power Plant is located in France
Dampierre Nuclear Power Plant
Location of Dampierre Nuclear Power Plant
Country France
Coordinates 47°43′59″N 2°31′0″E / 47.73306°N 2.51667°E / 47.73306; 2.51667Coordinates: 47°43′59″N 2°31′0″E / 47.73306°N 2.51667°E / 47.73306; 2.51667
Construction began 1974
Commission date March 23, 1980
Owner(s) EDF
Operator(s) EDF
Power generation
Units operational 4 x 937 MW
Annual generation 24,629
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The Dampierre nuclear power plant is located in the town of Dampierre-en-Burly (Loiret), 55 km upstream of Orleans and 110 km downstream of Nevers, it uses water from the Loire for cooling.

Approximately 1,100 people work at the site.

Seismic risk[edit]

Electricity Production Performance

According to a report by the Nuclear Safety Authority in October 2002, certain functions providing backup cooling for the reactor could not be ensured in the event of an earthquake.


On 2 April 2001, during the unit 4 refueling outage, an operator made a mistake in producing the nuclear assembly loading pattern, of which 30% were MOX fuel. The reloading operation was stopped and the core was fully discharged. The incident was reclassified by the ASP at Level 1 of the INES scale.

On the night of 9 to 10 April 2007, reactor No. 3 went on emergency standby and remained so throughout the night; it was supplied with emergency power by an emergency generator. EDF triggered an emergency plan to 22h10. Throughout the night, teams acted in emergency mode, the reactor No. 3 having been deprived of its external power. The emergency generator worked well. The ASN has established a national crisis with the support of the IRSN. EDF and DSC lifted the crisis the following morning at 8:15. Following this incident, the No. 3 reactor remained shut down for several weeks to correct the problem.