Dança dos Famosos (season 2)

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Dança dos Famosos 2
Country of origin Brazil
No. of episodes 6
Original channel Rede Globo
Original run February 12, 2006 – March 26, 2006
Additional information
Celebrity winner Juliana Didone
Professional winner Leandro Azevedo
Season chronology
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Next →

Dança dos Famosos 2 was the second season of Brazilian reality television show Dança dos Famosos which premiered February 12, 2006 and ended March 26, 2006 on the Rede Globo television network.

Six celebrities were paired with six professional ballroom dancers. Fausto Silva and Adriana Colin were the hosts for this season.

Malhação Star Juliana Didone won the competition over singer Kelly Key.[1][2]


  • After only two episodes, Dança dos Famosos 2 went on hiatus and returned after the 2006 Brazilian Carnival on March 5, 2006.


The six professionals and celebrities that competed were:

Celebrity Occupation Professional Partner Status
Dado Dolabella Actor, Singer Beatriz Pavinni Eliminated 1st
on February 12, 2006
Sandra de Sá Singer Marcelo Simões Eliminated 2nd
on March 5, 2006
Thiago Fragoso Actor Sabrina Cabral Withdrew
on March 12, 2006
Pedro Bismark Zorra Total Comedian Nana Nassif Eliminated 3rd
on March 19, 2006
Kelly Key Singer Marcelo Chocolate Runners-Up
on March 26, 2006
Juliana Didone Malhação Cast Member Leandro Azevedo Winners
on March 26, 2006

Scoring Chart[edit]

Red numbers indicate the couples with the lowest score for each week.
Green numbers indicate the couples with the highest score for each week.
     indicates the couple eliminated that week.
     indicates the returning couple that finished in the bottom two.
     indicates the couple withdrew from the competition.
     indicates the couple that would have been eliminated had an elimination taken place.
     indicates the winning couple.
     indicates the runner-up couple.

Average Chart[edit]

This table only counts dances scored on the traditional 40-point scale.

Call-Out Order[edit]

The table below lists the order in which the contestants' fates will be revealed by Faustão.

     The celebrity withdrew from the competition
     The celebrity was eliminated
     The celebrity won the competition

Dance Schedule[edit]

The celebrities and professional partners danced one of these routines for each corresponding episode.

  • Episode 1: Forró
  • Episode 2: Bolero
  • Episode 3: Salsa
  • Episode 4: Samba
  • Episode 5: Paso Doble
  • Episode 6: Mambo, Rock and Roll & Tango

Dance Chart[edit]

     Highest Scoring Dance
     Lowest Scoring Dance
     Withdrawn Dance (Not Performed/Scored)


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