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Dan's Papers is a weekly lifestyle publication in the Hamptons, Long Island, New York, USA, founded by Dan Rattiner.

The first of the papers that would later collectively come to be known as "Dan's Papers" was the Montauk Pioneer, which debuted July 1, 1960.[1]

Dan's Papers is currently published by Manhattan Media, a portfolio company of Isis Ventures.

In 2007, Dan's Papers was sold to Ohio-based Brown Publishing Company.[2] After Brown went bankrupt, Dan's Papers was acquired by Manhattan Media in 2010.[3]

The official website is danspapers.com

Dan's Papers has gained notoriety for perpetrating various hoaxes, such as stories of a Hamptons Subway beneath the East End of Long Island. The first of these, in 1963, happened by mistake when founder Dan Rattiner incorrectly printed the timetable of trains in the paper. He received a call from the local stationmaster, who told him a crowd of people were there waiting for a train that doesn't exist. [4] The error made Rattiner realize he could do things to get the whole town talking about his paper.

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