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DanWatch is an NGO which focuses on exploitation of workers and natural resources world wide.

Founding danwatch[edit]

DanWatch was founded by The Danish Consumer Council, WWF, MS, DanChurchAid and Knud Foldschacks Solstice Foundation.[1]

The initial work of establishing a watch dog on businesses in Denmark was done in the autumn of 2006. The initiative was taken by biologist Søren Ring, DanWatch's first director, and Benjamin Holst, DanWatch's first editor journalist. The idea and work was supported by The Danish Consumer Council.

Purpose of the organization[edit]

  • Make new agendas by examining and presenting the consequences of Danish and international business investments, procurements, trade and production abroad.
  • Put a broad focus on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the environment.
  • To highlight Danish companies' CSR standards in relation to their activities abroad. Focus on the companies in relation to workers' rights, human rights, corruption and environmental and natural destruction. And conflicts etc.[1]
  • To conduct and / or guide investigations and campaigns that can form the basis for broad illumination of these issues. Thereby giving the Danish consumer the opportunity to act in the marked with a greater knowledge og the globalization within trade of resources and manpower.
  • To act as an independent research center / media with a focus on human rights, environment, conflicts and corruption in a global perspective. Thereby ensuring that these areas are prioritized in the overall Danish - and international - media image.


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