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Dan Bane (born c.1947) is the Chairman and CEO of Trader Joe's. Bane graduated in 1969 from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting. While at USC he was a member of the National Champion Trojan baseball team. His brother, Eddie Bane, is a former major league baseball player and in 2010 was the Director of Scouting for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.[citation needed]

After graduation Dan Bane went into the accounting business working for various southern California firms. While in the accounting field, Bane had the opportunity to work directly with two different types of businesses: retail and law firms. He likes working with people rather than numbers, and decided it was time for a change.[1]

Bane started at Trader Joe's in 1998 as the president of Trader Joe's West. In July, 2001 he was promoted to CEO of Trader Joe's. Mr. Bane may be best known as the radio voice of Trader Joe's. In 2002 he made a key decision to bring Charles Shaw wine to Trader Joe's. Today Trader Joe's sells 13 million cases of Charles Shaw wine per year.[2]

Dan Bane was named to Board of Directors of ABM Industries in 2008.[3]


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