Dan Bilzerian

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Dan Bilzerian
Born Dan Bilzerian
(1980-12-07) December 7, 1980 (age 33)
Tampa, Florida
Occupation Venture capitalist, poker player

Dan Bilzerian (born December 7, 1980)[1] is an Armenian-American venture capitalist, as well as a poker player.

Early life[edit]

Of Armenian descent, Dan Bilzerian was born 7 December 1980 in Tampa, Florida to father Paul Bilzerian and Joan Bilzerian.[2] The family had two sons, Dan and Adam. Bilzerian is a 4-year military veteran. He enlisted in the Navy in 1999 and went to BUD/S. He states that he was kicked-out of SEAL training two days before graduation.[3] After his military career, Bilzerian enrolled at the University of Florida, majoring in Business and Criminology.[4]

Gambling career[edit]

As a professional poker player Bilzerian's most notable cash was in the 2009 World Series of Poker Main Event, for which he appeared on six episodes of the show's television broadcast.[5] He finished in 180th place and won $36,626.[6] He is also a co-founder of Victory Poker, an online poker room.[7] In 2010 he was voted one of the funniest poker players on Twitter by Bluff Magazine.[8] On March 9, 2011 Bilzerian raced fellow race car enthusiast and Supreme Court Litigator Tom Goldstein for a wager of $385,000 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, with Bilzerian racing a 1965 AC Cobra and Goldstein behind the wheel of a Ferrari 458 Italia. Bilzerian won the race.[9]

In November 2011 Bilzerian, along with ten others including actors Tobey Maguire, Nick Cassavetes and Gabe Kaplan, were asked to pay back winnings that they had won in poker games against ponzi-scheme operator Bradley Ruderman after Ruderman was sentenced to prison, to help pay back some of the victims Ruderman had stolen from over his criminal career.[10] That same year Bilzerian defended Alex Rodriguez publicly against accusations that he had gambled illegally, claiming that he was present when the alleged gambling event had taken place and Rodriguez was not present.[11]

Film career[edit]

Bilzerian first appeared as a stunt person in the 2013 film Olympus Has Fallen.[5] Bilzerian invested one million dollars in the production of Lone Survivor,[citation needed] in which he had a role. Bilzerian has acting roles in the 2014 films The Other Woman and The Equalizer.[5][12]

Personal life[edit]

Bilzerian was the victim of three heart attacks by the age of 30.[13] Bilzerian is also a gun collector.[14] He is the son of Wall Street corporate take-over specialist Paul Bilzerian[15] and the brother of Adam Bilzerian, who also plays poker. He also pledged and became a brother of Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity when he was a student at University of Florida.[16]


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