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Daniel Landin, born 1962 in London, is a British cinematographer. He has filmed various music videos, including ones for Coldplay, Kylie Minogue, Oasis, Franz Ferdinand and the Zutons. He has also worked on many television commercials, including the 2006 Sony Bravia commercial [1].


Together with Richard Heslop, the former multi-projection operator for 23 Skidoo, he filmed The Child and the Saw (1983) and directed the film Procar in collaboration with Heslop and Herbert Verhey for live performances in Amsterdam with the Car Ensemble of the Netherlands in 1986. The film Procar later appeared in the programme of the Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin 1987 with a remastered audio recording of the Car Ensemble as soundtrack. Daniel directed the video for Laibach's Drzava, and a filmed performance of Laibach and Michael Clark in London, No Fire Escape In Hell. In 1987 he directed Laibachs Geburt Einer Nation ("Birth of a Nation"), filmed on various locations in Slovenia and in a "Third Reich"-style, a typical pop video but with an exaggeration of certain Riefenstahl-like elements. He also directed their video Life is Life, a cover of the early 1980s disco hit by Opus. For this video they filmed Laibach wearing traditional hunting clothes, posing against a backdrop of stags, lakes and mountains.

In the early 1990s Daniel began to concentrate on music promotions and commercials for television.

Landin also worked as lighting designer on Alexander McQueen's fashion shows in London, Paris and New York, between the 1990s and McQueen's death.

Daniel Landin has worked as Director of Photography on many videos, amongst which are Radiohead's No Surprises (1997), Massive Attack's Teardrop (1998), Robbie Williams' Its Only Us (1999), Franz Ferdinand's Walk Away (2005) and Madonna's 4 Minutes (2008). Apart from this, he was a lighting cameraman for the video Believe by Cher (1998) and acted in Stanley Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket (1987).


Daniel Landin is the Director of Photography on the Working Title feature Sixty Six, directed by Paul Weiland, also the Dreamworks feature, The Uninvited directed by The Guard Brothers, the feature film 44 Inch Chest directed by Malcolm Venville, and the upcoming feature "Under the Skin", directed by Jonathan Glazer.