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Dan Lumley has been a drummer for many bands, including Rattail Grenadier, Squirtgun, The Riverdales, The Methadones, Even in Blackouts, The Mopes, Common Rider and Screeching Weasel. He was also a brief member of Rise Against. He has worked as a staff member at Sonic Iguana Studios in Lafayette, Indiana.

He announced his plans to take an extended (possibly permanent) break from music in late 2003, but came out of retirement to drum for Squirtgun for a benefit concert in November 2005. He has since performed as a studio drummer for Torture The Artist; and on several releases from The Riptides.




  • Rattail Grenadier “Rattail Grenadier” Roadkill Records (1987)
  • Rattail Grenadier “Too Much Of A Good Thing” Helter Skelter/Assault Force Records (1989)
  • Squirtgun “Squirtgun” Lookout Records (1995)
  • Squirtgun “Another Sunny Afternoon” Lookout Records (1997)
  • Screeching Weasel “Television City Dream” Fat Wreck Chords (1998)
  • Screeching Weasel “Emo” Panic Button/Lookout Records (1999)
  • Common Rider “Last Wave Rockers” Panic Button/Lookout Records (1999)
  • The Mopes “Accident Waiting To Happen” Lookout Records (1999)
  • Screeching Weasel “Teen Punks In Heat” Panic Button/Lookout Records (2000)
  • The Methadones “Ill At Ease” A-F Records (2000)
  • Common Rider “This Is Unity Music” Hopeless Records (2002)
  • Even In Blackouts “Myths & Imaginary Magicians” Panic Button/Lookout Records (2002)
  • Squirtgun “Fade To Bright” Honest Don’s Records (2003)
  • The Riverdales “Phase Three” 145 Records (2003)
  • Even In Blackouts “Zeitgeist’s Echo” Knock Knock Records (2004)
  • Squirtgun “Broadcast 02.09.08” Kid Tested Records (2009)
  • Torture The Artist “Torture The Artist” Kid Tested Records (2009)
  • The Riptides “Tales From Planet Earth” Asian Man Records (2009)


  • Squirtgun “Shenanigans”Lookout Records (1995)
  • Squirtgun “Mary Ann” Lookout Records (1996)
  • Screeching Weasel “Major Label Debut” Panic Button/Lookout Records (1997)
  • The Mopes “Low Down Two-Bit Sidewinder” Lookout Records (1998)
  • Squirtgun “Dysfunctional” Asian Man Records (2002)
  • Even In Blackouts “Foreshadows On The Wall” Knock Knock Records (2003)
  • The Riptides “Mental Therapy” Rally Records (2008)
  • The Riptides “Tough Luck” Rally Records (2010)

GUEST APPEARANCES (played on one song):

  • Rise Against Unreleased Demo (1999)
  • The Lillingtons “Death By Television” Panic Button/Lookout Records (1999)
  • The Queers “Pleasant Screams” Lookout Records (2002)
  • The Queers “Munki Brain” Asian Man Records (2007)

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