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Dan Millman
Born (1946-02-22) February 22, 1946 (age 68)
Residence San Rafael, California
Occupation Author, speaker
Spouse(s) Joy Millman
Children 3 daughters

Daniel Jay Millman (born February 22, 1946) is an American author and lecturer in the self-help field.

Early life[edit]

Millman was born in Los Angeles, California, to Herman and Vivian Millman (both deceased), and has an older sister Diane. Much of his early life included active pursuits such as modern dance, martial arts, and then trampoline, tumbling, and gymnastics. During his senior year at John Marshall High School (Los Angeles), Millman won the United States Gymnastics Federation (USGF) national title on the trampoline and was voted Senior Athlete of the Year. While a freshman at U.C. Berkeley, he won the 1964 Trampoline World Championships in London. While attending U.C. Berkeley, he earned All-American honors and won an NCAA Championships on vaulting (1964) and a USGF championship in floor exercise (1966). He represented the United States in the 1966 Maccabiah Games, winning four gold medals in gymnastics.[1] He was voted Senior U.C. Berkeley Athlete of the Year, graduating with a B.A. degree in Psychology in 1968.


In 1968, Millman served as director of gymnastics at Stanford University, where he coached U.S. Olympian Steve Hug and brought the Stanford team to national prominence. During Millman's tenure at Stanford, he trained in Aikido, eventually earning a shodan (black belt) ranking, and studied T'ai chi (Taiji) and other martial arts.

In 1972, Millman joined the faculty at Oberlin College in Oberlin, Ohio as an assistant professor of physical education. At Oberlin, on a travel-research grant from the college, Millman traveled to San Francisco, where he completed the Arica 40-Day Intensive Training, then to Hawaii, India, and Hong Kong, where he practiced various disciplines including yoga and martial arts.

In 1985, Millman began to produce audio and video programs, and to present seminars and professional keynotes.[2] Due to the varied topics of his books, his work is difficult to label, but is generally connected to the human potential movement.[3]

In 2006, his first book, Way of the Peaceful Warrior, was adapted to a film, "Peaceful Warrior," with Nick Nolte, distributed by Lionsgate Films and released by Universal Pictures in 2007.[4]

In addition to his books and speaking engagements, Millman attempts to connect with devoted readers and admirers through a series of quarterly newsletters published and distributed by his San Rafael company, Peaceful Warrior Services.

Personal life[edit]

Dan Millman and his wife Joy live in Northern California. They have three grown daughters and two grandsons.


  • 1979: Whole Body Fitness
  • 1980: Way of the Peaceful Warrior: A book that changes lives
  • 1985: The Warrior Athlete (rev. ed. of Whole Body Fitness)
  • 1990: Sacred Journey of the Peaceful Warrior
  • 1991: Secret of the Peaceful Warrior (children - illustrated by Taylor Bruce)
  • 1992: No Ordinary Moments: A peaceful warrior's guide to daily life
  • 1993: Quest for the Crystal Castle (children - illustrated by Taylor Bruce)
  • 1994: The Life You Were Born to Live: A guide to finding your life purpose
  • 1995: The Laws of Spirit: A tale of transformation
  • 1998: Everyday Enlightenment: The twelve gateways to personal growth
  • 1999: Body Mind Mastery (rev. edition of The Warrior Athlete)
  • 2000: Living on Purpose: Straight answers to life's tough questions
  • 2006: The Journeys of Socrates
  • 2007: Wisdom of the Peaceful Warrior: A companion to the book that changes lives
  • 2009: Bridge Between Worlds: Extraordinary experiences that changed lives
  • 2010: Peaceful Warrior: The Graphic Novel (illustrated by Andrew Winegarner)
  • 2011: The Four Purposes of Life: Finding meaning and direction in a changing world[5]


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