Dan W. Quinn

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Dan W. Quinn
Birth name Dan W. Quinn
Born 1859
New York, New York United States
Died November 7, 1938(1938-11-07)
New York, New York
Genres Ragtime
Occupations Recording artist

Dan W. Quinn (1859 – November 7, 1938) was one of the first American singers to become popular in the new medium of recorded music. Quinn was a very successful recording artist whose recording career spanned 1892 to 1918. Quinn recorded many of his hits in the legendary "Tin Pan Alley" of New York City.


Dan W. Quinn was born in 1859 in New York City. There he began singing in the choir of the Church of the Heavenly Rest (Episcopal) as a child. As an adult, he was a performer on the Vaudeville stage. In January 1892, Quinn made his first recording in New York City and quickly achieved success. During Quinn's recording career, he scored 34 top ten hits. As was customary at the time, Quinn was not tied exclusively to any one record company. He recorded for all the major record labels of his day, including Berliner, Columbia, Edison, Gramophone, Paramount and Victor. Quinn himself estimated cutting some 2,500 titles during his recording career. Quinn retired from recording in 1906. He briefly returned to recording in 1915 to 1918, but went back into retirement soon after.

Dan Quinn died of intestinal cancer in New York on November 7, 1938 at age 79.

In those early days of recording, the songs were pressed onto tin discs (also called "plates" or "tin pans") and brown wax cylinders. The discs generally had one song recorded on each side while the cylinders had a single song recorded on them. The U.S. Library of Congress has made an effort to preserve Quinn's recordings (as well as other artists of the era) for future generations to enjoy.


The following is a partial list of Dan W. Quinn's recordings:

  1. Daddy Wouldn't Buy Me a Bow-wow - North American Phonograph Co. 1892
  2. The Bowery - North American Phonograph Co. 1892
  3. Daisy Bell - North American Phonograph Co. 1893
  4. And Her Golden Hair was Hanging Down Her Back - Berliner Records, 1894
  5. My Pearl is a Bowery Girl - Berliner Records, 1894
  6. Girl Wanted - Berliner Records, 1895
  7. The Band Played On - Columbia Records, 1895
  8. The Sidewalks of New York - Berliner Records, 1895
  9. Streets of Cairo - Berliner Records, 1895
  10. Down in Poverty Row - Berliner Records, 1896
  11. Elsie From Chelsea- Edison Records, 1896
  12. In the Baggage Coach Ahead - 1896
  13. I've Been Hoodoed - Berliner Records, 1896
  14. McKinley is our Man - Phonograph Records, 1896
  15. My Best Girl's a New Yorker - Berliner Records, 1896
  16. A Hot Time in the Old Town - Berliner Records, 1897
  17. My Mother was a Lady - 1897
  18. There's a Little Star Shining for You - Edison Records, 1897
  19. At a Georgia Camp Meeting - Columbia Records, 1898
  20. She Never Did the Same Thing Twice - Berliner Records, 1898
  21. She was Happy Til She Met You - Columbia Records, 1898
  22. Curse of the Dreamer - Columbia Records, 1899
  23. Glorious Beer - Columbia Records, 1899
  24. Little Old New York is Good Enough for Me - Berliner Records, 1899
  25. Smokey Mokes - Edison Records, 1899
  26. Whistling Rufus - Edison Records, 1899
  27. Just Because She Made Dem Goo-Goo Eyes - 1900
  28. Strike Up the Band - Victor Records, 1900
  29. When Reuben Comes To Town - Victor Records, 1900
  30. Good Evening Carrie - 1901
  31. She's Getting More Like The White Folks Every Day - Columbia Records, 1901
  32. I Ain't A-goin' To Weep No More - Victor Records, 1901
  33. I Want To Go To Morrow - Edison Records, 1902
  34. Won't You Come Home Bill Bailey - Victor Records, 1902
  35. Football - Victor Records, 1905
  36. Is Marriage A Failure? (Duet with Helen Trix) - 1906
  37. Hello Boys I'm Back Again - Columbia Records, 1915
  38. At the Fountain of Youth - Columbia Records, 1916
  39. Here Comes The Groom - Operaphone Records 1917
  40. Life Is A Merry Go Round - Paramount Records, 1918
  41. Round Her Neck She Wears A Yellow Ribbon - Paramount Records, 1918


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