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Dana Parish is a New York-based singer and songwriter known for her powerful voice and emotional delivery, combined with a pop awareness and penchant for writing memorable hooks. Growing up outside of Philadelphia, Parish learned to value the ideals and melodies of a city with so much soul, and she was writing and recording by 13. Parish went on to study at the Manhattan School of Music.[1]

Parish's first single, "Not My Problem," from her debut album, Uncrushed,[2] charted at #23 on Billboard,[3] and she soon became one of the highest-charting independent artists. Parish bested herself and broke into the Top 10 with the second single from the album, "Let It Go By." This led to several appearances on major morning and talk shows, including The CBS Morning Show, Good Morning America, and KTLA. Clear Channel selected Parish as their Featured Artist for 16 weeks in a row.

More recently, Parish's writing appeared on Celine Dion's 2013 release, Loved Me Back to Life.[4][5][6] Along with her husband, Andrew Hollander, Parish contributed two tracks, "Thankful" and "Always Be Your Girl," to the #1 record.[7] In 2012, she, along with Hollander and Jeff Franzel, penned the #1 song in China, "Someday I'll Fly" by G.E.M.


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