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Dana Wyse (born August 9, 1965 in Vancouver, British Columbia) is a Canadian writer and visual artist. In 1991, Dana Wyse received her BFA from the University of British Columbia. She lives and works between Vancouver and Paris.

In 1996, Wyse began her best known |artwork, a pill-themed installation called Jesus Had A Sister Productions[1] It is a work-in-progress to which the artist adds new elements each year. The work dissects aspects of human relationships such as trust, love, communication, pleasure and power. Woman's utopic quest for perfection, achieved in instant time, is the underlying philosophy of Jesus Had A Sister Productions.[2] Wyse incorporates advertising images from the 1960s into her work to underline the absurdity of these images as well as woman's lust for shopping and mass consumption.[3]

Since 2014, Dana Wyse is writer-in residence at the Château de la Reine Blanche in Coye-la-Forêt, France.

detail from Jesus Had A Sister Productions, 1997


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