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Danang Hi-Tech Park
Khu công nghệ cao Đà Nẵng
Land use planning of Danang Hi-Tech Park
Year of establishment 2010
Area 1,129.76 ha
Address Hoa Lien, Hoa Vang
City Da Nang
Nation  Vietnam
Tel +84 511 3626704
Website http://www.dhtp.gov.vn/eng

Da Nang Hi-tech Park (DHTP) (Vietnamese: Khu công nghệ cao Đà Nẵng) was established under the Decision No. 1979/QD-TTg dated on October 28, 2010 of the Vietnamese Prime Minister.[1]

After the other two Hi-Tech Parks in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Danang Hi-Tech Park is the third one of the whole country. In the future, Danang Hi-Tech Park will be a destination for both domestic and foreign investors, boosting the science and technology development of Danang City in particular and Central Vietnam and Western Highlands in general.

Danang Hi-tech Park makes an effort to become an ecological township with a harmony between R&D, training, manufacturing hi-tech products, living environment and social-cutural environment. Location of Danang Hi-tech Park has favourable conditions to become an eco-friendly park with beautiful mountainous landscape and a large scale undeveloped land. Esspecially, Hoa Trung Lake with 86ha water surface offers Danang Hi-tech Park a natural advantage to regulate the regional environment.


Danang Hi-Tech Park is planned in Hoa Lien and Hoa Ninh Commune, Hoa Vang District, Da Nang City, on the Danang – Quang Ngai expressway which connects all parts of the key economic zones in Central Vietnam: Chan May Economic zone (Thua Thien Hue Province), Chu Lai – Ky Ha Economic zone (Quang Nam Province), Dung Quat Economic zone (Quang Ngai Province). It is 22 kilometers from the downtown of Danang, 25 kilometers from Tien Sa Seaport and 17 kilometers from Da Nang International Airport.

The total planned area for Danang Hi-Tech Park is 1,129.76 hectares.[2]

Natural conditions[edit]

  • Topography
Danang Hi-Tech Park is located on a terrain, thus not being flooded in the rainy season. The park is surrounded by mountains to the south and the north, which help minimize the negative effects of typhoons.[3]
  • Geology
Geologically, the system here is metamorphically-graded and crystallized (with crystalline schists), which helps facilitate the infrastructure construction, ensure inexpensive costs in dealing with subsidence work during construction (Geological map of Vietnam - Cambodia - Laos, 1935, J.Fromaget and colleagues).[3]
  • Ecological environment
Danang Hi-Tech Park area is in eco-harmony with the natural landscape, clean natural environment, with plain, mountains, and forests, adjacent to the Cu De River, and not far away from the Bà Nà Hills.
Within the planned boundary is located Hoa Trung lake which an area of over 86 hectares of water surface, contributing to enhanced ecology and landscape of the Hi-Tech Park.[3]

Functional areas[edit]

Total area: 1,129.76ha
- Functional areas: 673.94ha (60%)
- Mountains, water surface and green belt: 455.82ha (40%)
The detailed planning of Danang Hi-tech Park
  1. Hi-tech production area: 208,08ha
  2. Logistics and hi-tech services area: 29,76ha
  3. Admin area: 39,29ha
  4. Technical infrastructure area: 7,07ha
  5. Land for supporting industries: 39,26ha
  6. R&D, training and incubation area: 94,51ha
  7. Residential area: 37,12ha
  8. Green area, parks and sports facilities: 72,53ha


The transportation system[edit]

The roads in Danang Hi-Tech Park include:

  • The center route with cross-section width: Bn = 51m
  • The subdivision routes with cross-section width: Bn = 22.5 m ÷ 33m
  • The internal roads in each functional area with cross-section width: Bn = 8m ÷15m.

The drainage system[edit]

Drainage in Hi-Tech Park is designed in separated directions, as follows:

  • Waste water drainage system: waste water is collected in the culverts, and then cleaned at the water treatment plant before being released to the receiving water (rivers, lakes, etc.).
  • Rain water drainage system: there is a separated system of drains and sumps to collect rain water, then flowing directly into the receiving water (rivers, lakes, etc.).

Wastewater system[edit]

  • Construction a completely private drainage system to drain waste water in Danang Hi-Tech Park.
  • There are two infrastructure head-works and waste disposal stations in Hi-Tech Park:
    • Station 1: mainly focused on collection and transit of solid waste, covering an area of 0.8 ha.
    • Station 2: a wastewater treatment plant will be built, covering an area of 02 ha. Capacity: 18,000 m3 per day (04 modules), to ensure proper treatment of waste water in Hi-Tech Park in accordance with the current Environment Technical Standards (QCVN 40:2011/BTNMT-Column B with the coefficients: Kq = 0.9 and Kf = 0.9 before discharged.

The water supply system[edit]

  • Water supply for the Danang Hi-Tech Park is expected to be obtained from the Hoa Lien water plant with a capacity of 240,000 m3 per day. At present, the plant is in the stage of construction investment preparation and will be completed by 2018.
  • In the first stage, when the Hoa Lien water plant is not operated yet, Hi-Tech Park’s water supply will be temporary from the D225 pipeline of Nam Hai Van highway. The water source of supply will be from the DT602 Hypertension Pumping Station (capacity of 120 m3/h, height = 70m).
  • Fire: fire-water pumps D100mm are placed in the main pipeline, with a maximum distance of 150 meters, located at the junctions, intersections of Hi-Tech Park to facilitate supply water when required.

Power supply system[edit]

Danang Hi-Tech Park’s electricity is planned to be supplied by a 110/22KV station with a capacity of 2x63MVA which will be built in Hoa Lien. It is expected that by 2015 one 63MVA transformer will be put into operation ahead. The 110kV double circuit line power station will be connected to the 110kV line from Hoa Khanh to Hai Van Tunnel.

Communications system[edit]

Danang Hi-Tech Park will have an information and communication system with high quality transmission line, ensuring smooth connection and information security.[4]

Investment incentive policy[edit]

Corporate income tax[edit]

- Tax rate incentives: applying tax rate of 10% for a period of 15 years. The period of applying tax rate is calculated from the first year the enterprises having revenue.
- Tax reduction and exemption periods: exemption for 4 years, 50% reduction of payable tax for the next 9 years. The exemption and reduction periods are calculated from the first year the enterprises having taxable income.

Land rental price[edit]

Methods of payment Land rental price (VND/m2/year)
Production projects Service and trading projects
Annual payment
One-off payment for the entire leasing period

Land rents[edit]

Exempt 100% for 11 years Land is used for construction of condominiums for workers in industrial park
Exempt 100% for 03 years Land is used for projects on the list of Domains Entitled to Investment Preferences

issued with the Decree No.108/2006/ND-CP dated September 22, 2006

of the Vietnamese Government

Exempt 100% for 11 years Land is used for projects on the list of Domains Entitled to Special Investment Preferences

issued with the Decree No.108/2006/ND-CP dated September 22, 2006

of the Vietnamese Government

Infrastructure using fee[edit]

- Exempt 100% for the first 02 years and exempt 50% for the next 03 years to projects on hi-tech research and development, hi-tech incubation, or hi-tech human resources training
- Exempt 100% for the first 02 years to the Projects on the List of High technologies prioritized for development investment and the List of hi-tech products encouraged for investment issued with the Decision No.49/2010/QD-TTg dated July 19th 2010 of the Vietnamese Prime Minister
- Exempt 50% for the first 02 years to the Projects producing products included in Group VI - Products of support industries for hi-tech industries on the list of those prioritized for development issued with Decision No.1483/QD-TTg dated August 26th 2011 of the Vietnamese Prime Minister
  • Got the full range of tax incentives for project investment in Danang Hi-tech Park under current law.

Support for investors[edit]

  • Providing "One-stop service"
  • Supporting immigration procedures
  • Supporting to attract high quality human resources
  • Supporting bank loans and funding
  • Supporting enterprise establishment procedures [5]

Danang Hi-Tech Park Management Board[edit]

Danang Hi-Tech Park Management Board was established by the Decision No. 1980/QD-TTg dated October 28, 2010 of the Vietnamese Prime Minister that has responsibilities in state management with DHTP [6]


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