Danava dynasty

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Pragjyotisha Kingdom
Danava dynasty
Capital Not specified
Government Monarchical
President Mahiranga
Historical era Iron age
 -  Established  ???
 -  Disestablished  ???

The Danava dynasty, established by Mahiranga Danava, begins the political account of Assam.[1] These kings were of Kirata origin. These rulers are mentioned in the Kalika Purana though there are no archaeological evidence.

The Danava dynasty consisted of Kirata chiefs; the last of whom, Ghatakasura, was killed and replaced by another mythical king Narakasura of the Naraka dynasty.[2]

The kings[edit]

  • Mahiranga (mairong)
  • Hatakasura
  • Sambarasura
  • Ratnasura
  • Ghatakasura


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