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Dance Concept
Dance Concept
Founded 2003
Founder Benny V
Genre Drum n Bass
Country of origin United Kingdom
Location London
Official website

Dance Concept is a British Drum n Bass promotion and independent record label. Dance Concept has been running since 1999 promoting parties all over the UK as well as releasing music on all formats on the record label.[1]

It started back in 1999 as one of London’s leading Drum & Bass promoters. Their events over the next few years were renowned for their originality in style and mixing firmly established Drum & Bass favourites with the best up and coming talent like artists such as Eksman, Herbzie, Funsta, Twisted Individual and Uncle Dugs, all being regularly booked putting Dance Concept light years ahead of their Drum & Bass competitors.[2]

2003 to date[edit]

In 2003 the label arm of the promotion took off releasing, first a teaser single and then worldwide distributed album, THE LEGEND featuring Stevie Hyper D. Tracks from the album gained massive exposure being played on UK National Radio stations such as KISS FM and BBC Radio One[3] as well as gaining cult support and airplay on the underground pirate stations. Buffalo Soldier from the album was nominated for DNBA tune of the year in 2004.[4] Although originally released on double CD and 4-piece vinyl, the album was later also released online as the digital revolution took over. The label continued with sporadic singles being released over the resulting years with notable releases such as Benny V and Dfrnt Lvls, ‘Oldskool Box’, followed by the Modified Motion remix of the same track and Sub Zero’s remix of Trick of Technology.[5]

In 2008 and 2009[6] Dance Concept set off on a series of Label Tours predominantly at The Rhythm Factory in Londons East End, showcasing releases on the label by many of the artists.[7]

In 2012 Dance Concept hosted the sellout Stevie Hyper Tribute *Generation Hyper* in London.

Label Artists[edit]

Dance Concept has been home to a range of artists including:[8]




  • DC001 "All I Wanna Do / Move Your Body" (2003)
  • DC002 "Oldskool Box / Chained Reaction" (2005)
  • DC003 "Flexin Today / Junglist Soldier" (2006)
  • DC004 "End Game / Catch Ya" (2006)
  • DC005 "Buffalo Soldier / Aint No Stoppin Us now" (2007)
  • DC006 "Trick of Technology / Remix Part 1" (2007)
  • DC007 "Oldskool Box Remix's" (2009)
  • DC008 "Trick of Technology Remix's" (2010)


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