Dance Dance Revolution Solo

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Dance Dance Revolution Solo
Dance Dance Revolution Solo 2000 arcade machine.jpg
Genres Music, Exercise
Developers Konami
Publishers Konami
Platform of origin Arcade
First release Dance Dance Revolution Solo Bass Mix
August 19, 1999
Latest release Dance Dance Revolution Solo 4thMix Plus
December 28, 2000

Dance Dance Revolution Solo was a short-lived series of games spun off of the main Dance Dance Revolution series. It consists of three arcade releases in Japan and one console release (as a game mode) in North America.


Gameplay in the Solo series is nearly identical to that of the main Dance Dance Revolution series, but with a few differences to optimize the game for single-player mode. In addition to the four-panel mode offered in the main series, Solo adds a three-panel mode in its Bass Mix and 2000 releases, as well as a six-panel mode in all of its releases. Both modes add two new panels: up-left and up-right. The three-panel mode adds the down arrow to these, while the six-panel mode combines both the four traditional panels and the two new panels.


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