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Dancing Diva
Dancing Diva cover
Studio album Dancing Diva by Jolin Tsai
Released 12 May 2006 (2006-05-12)
Genre Mandopop
Length 43:06
Language Mandarin
Label EMI Music Taiwan
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Dancing Diva
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Dancing Diva (traditional Chinese: 舞孃; simplified Chinese: 舞娘; pinyin: Wǔ Níang) is Taiwanese artist Jolin Tsai's (Chinese: 蔡依林) eighth studio album. It was released on 12 May 2006 by EMI Music Taiwan. This is the first album of Jolin's since moving from Sony Music Taiwan to EMI Music Taiwan.

A second edition, Dancing Diva (Perfect Celebration Edition) was released on 7 July 2006. It includes a bonus DVD with music videos for all the songs on the album. Tsai has done this for her past albums Magic, Castle, and J-Game, but this is the first time that none of the videos are of live performances.


The album's title track, "舞孃" (Dancing Diva), was performed at the 2006 MTV Asia Awards,[citation needed] is an Indian- and Orient-inspired song with a significant instrumental. The song was written by Miriam Nervo and composed by Greg Kurstin. Other remakes include the opening uptempo song "Pulchritude" and "Mr.Q". The music video for "A Wonder in Madrid" was misleadingly not filmed in Madrid, but in Budapest showing a very cute and frisky Jolin. "Attraction of Sexy Lips" is included as a bonus track on the CD since it was released earlier as the commercial song for Max Factor's lipsticks. It was written and produced by Singaporean songwriter-producer Terry Lee, who has produced hits for other popular singers such as eVonne Hsu. Tsai released a Cantonese version of the song Prentence in her Forever Dancing Advance Edition CD.[citation needed]

The duet "Nice Guy" was written and produced by Rock and Hip Hop star Stanley Huang, who also appeared in the music video and occasionally performed the song with Tsai during her world tour. "Love in the Shape of a Heart" was penned by lyricist Vincent Fang and composed by Nan Quan Mama member Yu Hao while "The Finale" was penned by Mayday lead singer Ashin. The music video for "Mr.Q" features a dance in the 80's style and a guest appearance by Hong Kong actor Edison Chen who plays Tsai's lover in the music video. Tsai wrote the lyrics of the final track of the album, "The Prologue".


The album debuted at number one on Taiwan's G-Music Weekly Mandarin and Combo Charts at week 19; and Five Music Chart at week 20 with a percentage sales of 51.1%,[1] 27.68%[2] and 46.05%[3] respectively. It charted on the Mandarin Chart for 22 weeks and Combo Chart for 19 weeks.

The tracks "舞孃" (Dancing Diva) and "Mr. Q" were nominated for Top 10 Gold Songs at the Hong Kong TVB8 Awards, presented by television station TVB8, in 2006.[4]

The track, "舞孃" (Dancing Diva) won one of the Top 10 Songs of the Year and the album was the Longest Charting Album at the 2007 HITO Radio Music Awards presented by Taiwanese radio station Hit FM.[5]

The album was awarded one of the Top 10 Selling Mandarin Albums of the Year at the 2006 IFPI Hong Kong Album Sales Awards, presented by the Hong Kong branch of IFPI.[6] It is the second best selling album in Taiwan with 172,000 copies sold in 2006.[7]

Track listing[edit]

Dancing Diva performed by Jolin Tsai.

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  1. "玩美" wán měi (Pulchritude)
  2. "舞孃" wǔ niáng (Dancing Diva)
  3. "馬德里不思議" Mǎdélǐ bù sīyì (A Wonder in Madrid)
  4. "假裝" jiǎzhuāng (Pretence)
  5. "唇唇欲動" chún chún yù dòng (Attraction of Sexy Lips)
  6. "心型圈" xīn xíng quān (Love in the Shape of a Heart)
  7. "離人節" lí rén jié (Heart Breaking Day)
  8. "Mr. Q"
  9. "乖乖牌" guāiguāi pái (Nice Guy)
  10. "最終話" zuìzhōng huà (The Finale)
  11. "開場白" kāichǎngbái (The Prologue)
  • The China edition of this album does not include Track 5


Chart Name Debut Position Week# / Week Dates of Peak Position Peak Position Percentage of Album Sales at Peak Chart Run
G-Music Mandarin Chart, Taiwan
風雲榜 (華語榜)
#1 #19 / 12–18 May 2006 #1 51.1% 22 weeks
G-Music Combo Chart, Taiwan
風雲榜 (綜合榜)
#1 #19 / 12–18 May 2006 #1 27.68% 19 weeks
Five Music Taiwan
#1 #20 / 12–18 May 2006 #1 46.05%


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