Dancing Queen (Girls' Generation song)

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"Dancing Queen"
Single by Girls' Generation
from the album I Got a Boy
Released December 21, 2012 (2012-12-21)[1]
Format Digital download
Recorded 2008
Genre K-pop, dance-pop, soul
Length 3:35
Label S.M. Entertainment
Writer(s) Yoon Hyo Sang, Steve Booker, Aimee Ann Duffy, Tiffany Hwang, Jessica Jung, Kenzie
Producer(s) Steve Booker, Kenzie
Girls' Generation Korean singles chronology
"Mr. Taxi"
"Dancing Queen"
"I Got a Boy"
Music video
"Dancing Queen" on YouTube

"Dancing Queen" is a song by South Korean girl group Girls' Generation, released on December 21, 2012, as a pre-release single from their fourth Korean album, I Got a Boy. The song was recorded in 2008, initially slated as the title track for the group's first Korean EP,[2] however due to unknown reasons the song was held back. "Gee" was eventually chosen to replace the song, both as a lead single and title track.[3]

"Dancing Queen", a remake of British singer Duffy's song, "Mercy", is the first Korean material released by the group after a 14-month hiatus from Korea in which time the group released a series of Japanese singles and their second full-length Japanese studio album, Girls & Peace (2012). The single was released digitally on December 21, 2012 on the same day as the music video.

Background and release[edit]

On December 20, 2012, SM Entertainment posted a teaser image on Twitter containing the words "2012. 12. 21 10 A.M." under the group's name on a badge surrounded by South Korea's national flower .[4] The song was rumored to be a cover song.[5]

Following the video's release, teaser pictures were released. The first picture being of Hyoyeon, who dons multi-colored rainbow hair, as well as another picture of Hyoyeon's neck with the title track printed on her neck with a male face and the group member names.[6]

Live performances[edit]

Girls' Generation performed "Dancing Queen" and "I Got a Boy" live on M! Countdown on January 3, 2013."[7] The group also performed it on their MBC comeback special, Girls' Generation's Romantic Fantasy.

Commercial reception[edit]

Following the release of "Dancing Queen," the song became an immediate hit on all Korean music websites, reaching number-one on Naver Music, MelOn, Monkey3, Bugs, Soribada, Olleh Music, and Mnet by the morning of December 22, 2012, known in Korea as an "all-kill".[8][9] With only one day of sales, the song managed to sell 139,344 copies, reaching number seven on the Gaon Download Chart,[10] and number eleven on the Gaon Singles Chart in its first week.[11] It also reached number sixty-five on the Gaon Streaming chart.[12] "Dancing Queen" achieved its highest debut on the K-Pop Hot 100, where it debuted at number two.[13] A week later, the song jumped to number one on both the Gaon Single and Download chart.[10][11]

Music video[edit]


The music video was released on December 21, 2012 at 10 a.m. KST via Korean music site Naver.[14] Most of the video was originally filmed in 2008 and features scenes from the music video for "I Got A Boy".[15] The outfits and the concept featured in the music video was instead reworked into what would become "Gee". The music video and single were released on December 21, 2012, four years after work on the song was completed.[16]

A screenshot of the music video was leaked in 2011 along with the audio of the Korean version of "Boomerang," which was later officially released in Japanese on their second Japanese album Girls & Peace (2012).[17]


The music video, with a running time of 4 minutes, 23 seconds, has a time machine plot. The video begins with the members in a pink doll-like room. Yoona opens up a present to find a small device. The group quickly gathers around and finds out it is a time machine which brings them back to the year 2008 from 2013. The room transforms into a retro-style diner. Tiffany turns on a jukebox with Jessica while they sing the intro. The first verse mainly focuses on the diner. While in the diner, the video transitions from each member's line in a pan-order around the diner. The second verse is focused on the white set. The white-top and jeans costumes are reused from the "Gee" music video considering the fact they were both filmed on short notice.[citation needed] During the bridge, the members throw a party while dancing in groups of three while Tiffany approaches a DJ telling him to play a song. The video cuts back to the center of the diner where the group is dancing with customers and diner staff. Confetti is thrown during the final chorus while the party continues with a final pose in the t-shirt and jean costumes. At the end of the song, the time machine moves forward to 2013 as the words "Ayo GG" spoken by Sooyoung are heard, leading into the teaser for "I Got a Boy". The first part of the teaser is met with audio using mid rock-synths and breaks down into dubstep as Tiffany says, "Ayo stop, let me put it down another way". At the end of the video, the "I Got a Boy" symbol was used with "2013.01.01 comeback" seen below it.


Credits adapted from "I Got A Boy" liner notes.[18]


Chart Peak
Gaon Singles Chart[11] 1
Gaon Digital Downloads Chart[10] 1
Goan Monthly Singles Chart[19] 9
Gaon Streaming Singles Chart[12] 2
Gaon Mobile Ringtone Chart[20] 5
Billboard K-Pop Hot 100[13] 2


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